2020 Height Development Program

This program is design for Advance, intermediate and beginners players that are over the average height charts for  there age. It will teach them how to become all around players. This is a program design for the players future, it will prepare players make better teams in the club and have a chance to get the scholarship they want.
*Meet the height on the chart below.
Age / Height
10Y  4'9" Up
11Y  4'9" Up
12Y  5'0" Up
13Y  5'2" Up
14Y  5'4" Up
15Y  5'6" Up
16Y  5'7" Up
$25.00 Per Session (1 Hour) Tainas Member
$30.00 Per Session (1 Hour)  Non Member
Paypal/ Debit or Credit Cards will have $3.00 Processing Fee

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